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All together vs Altogether
Difference, Examples & Quiz

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All together

Definition: The phrase 'All together' means that a group of people or things are in one place or doing something at the same time.

Usage: This phrase is commonly used to describe a situation where people or things are united or working in harmony.

Example sentences:
  • 1. Let's sing the song all together.
  • 2. The team worked all together to complete the project.
  • 3. We should stand all together against injustice.

Definition: The word 'Altogether' is an adverb that means completely or entirely.

Usage: It is used to emphasize the entirety or completeness of something.

Example sentences:
  • 1. I am altogether satisfied with the outcome.
  • 2. The changes have made the situation altogether different.
  • 3. She decided to quit the job altogether.

All together means 'in a group' or 'simultaneously.' Altogether means 'completely' or 'entirely.'

Quizzes about "All together" vs "Altogether "

All together vs Altogether : 5 Quizzes

1. What is the meaning of 'All together'?

2. What is the correct usage of 'Altogether'?

3. Which phrase means 'in total'?

4. What does 'Altogether' mean in the sentence 'The team performed well altogether'?

5. Which word means 'as a whole'?


  • What does 'All together' mean?

    It refers to a group of things or people being in one place or doing something in unison.

  • What is the difference between 'All together' and 'Altogether'?

    'All together' means everyone or everything is in one place or doing something in unison, while 'Altogether' means entirely or completely.

  • Can 'All together' be used as an adverb?

    No, 'All together' is used as a phrase or an adjective to describe a collective action or state.

  • How can 'Altogether' be used in a sentence?

    For example, 'I am not altogether happy with the decision' or 'The cost of the repairs was $500 altogether.'

  • Are 'All together' and 'Altogether' interchangeable?

    No, they have different meanings and usage. 'All together' refers to a collective action or state, while 'Altogether' means entirely or completely.