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Ambiance vs Ambience
Difference, Examples & Quiz

What's the difference? Which one is correct?


Definition: Ambiance refers to the atmosphere or mood of a place, often created by the surrounding environment, decor, or lighting.

Usage: Ambiance is commonly used to describe the overall feel or vibe of a location, such as a restaurant, hotel, or event.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The cozy lighting and soft music created a warm ambiance in the restaurant.
  • 2. The garden party had a lively ambiance with colorful decorations and upbeat music.
  • 3. The dimly lit room and flickering candles added a romantic ambiance to the evening.

Definition: Ambience is an alternative spelling of ambiance, and both words have the same meaning.

Usage: Ambience is used interchangeably with ambiance to describe the atmosphere or mood of a place.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The hotel had a luxurious ambience with elegant furnishings and a grand entrance.
  • 2. The coffee shop had a cozy ambience with comfortable seating and soft background music.
  • 3. The art gallery had a serene ambience with natural lighting and tranquil artwork.

Ambiance refers to the atmosphere or mood of a place, while ambience refers to the character and quality of a sound environment.

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  • What is Ambiance?

    Ambiance refers to the atmosphere or mood of a place.

  • What is Ambience?

    Ambience is the character and atmosphere of a specific environment.

  • How does Ambiance affect our perception?

    Ambiance can greatly influence our emotions and overall experience in a particular setting.

  • What are some examples of Ambiance?

    Examples of Ambiance include the lighting, music, and decor of a restaurant.

  • Why is Ambience important in certain settings?

    Ambience plays a crucial role in creating a desired mood or setting for various occasions.