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Apart vs A part
Difference, Examples & Quiz

What's the difference? Which one is correct?


Definition: Separate or disconnected from something.

Usage: The two houses are 10 miles apart.

Example sentences:
  • 1. They live apart from each other.
  • 2. The two events are completely apart.
  • 3. He kept his emotions apart from his work.
A part

Definition: A piece or segment of something.

Usage: She played a part in the movie.

Example sentences:
  • 1. He is an integral part of the team.
  • 2. The engine is a vital part of the car.
  • 3. She has a part in the play.

The word 'apart' is an adverb that means 'separated' or 'away from.' It is used to indicate a sense of distance or separation. Example: 'The two friends live apart from each other.' The phrase 'a part' is a noun phrase that means 'a piece' or 'a component.' It is used to refer to a specific portion of something. Example: 'She played a part in the success of the project.'

Quizzes about "Apart" vs "A part"

Apart vs A part: 5 Quizzes

1. What is the difference between 'Apart' and 'A part'?

2. Which phrase means 'separate or isolated'?

3. Which phrase means 'a piece or portion of something'?

4. How are 'Apart' and 'A part' spelled?

5. How are 'Apart' and 'A part' pronounced?


  • What does 'Apart' mean?

    The word 'Apart' means to be separated or divided.

  • What does 'A part' mean?

    The phrase 'A part' means to be included or involved in something.

  • Can you provide an example sentence using 'Apart'?

    Sure! Here's an example: 'They live apart from each other.'

  • Can you provide an example sentence using 'A part'?

    Certainly! Here's an example: 'She is a part of the team.'

  • Are 'Apart' and 'A part' synonyms?

    No, they have different meanings and usage.