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Breach vs Breech
Difference, Examples & Quiz

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Definition: A breach refers to a violation or infraction of a law, rule, or agreement.

Usage: Breach is commonly used in legal contexts to describe the act of breaking a contract or agreement.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The company sued their former employee for breach of contract.
  • 2. The data breach compromised the personal information of millions of users.
  • 3. The security breach allowed unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Definition: Breech refers to the back or lower part of something, especially a gun or the buttocks of a baby during birth.

Usage: Breech is commonly used in the context of firearms or childbirth.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The gun's breech was damaged and needed repair.
  • 2. The baby was delivered in the breech position.
  • 3. The breech-loading rifle revolutionized warfare in the 19th century.

Breach refers to a gap or a violation, while Breech refers to the back part of a firearm or the buttocks of a person.

Quizzes about "Breach" vs "Breech"

Breach vs Breech: 5 Quizzes

1. What is the meaning of 'Breach'?

2. What is the meaning of 'Breech'?

3. Which word means 'A violation or infraction'?

4. Which word refers to 'The back end of a firearm barrel'?

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  • What is a breach?

    A breach refers to unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive information.

  • What is a breech?

    A breech is a type of birth presentation where the baby's buttocks or feet come out first.

  • How can a breach occur?

    A breach can occur due to various factors such as hacking, human error, or system vulnerabilities.

  • What are the consequences of a breach?

    The consequences of a breach can include financial loss, reputational damage, and compromised personal information.

  • How can breech presentation affect childbirth?

    Breech presentation can increase the risk of complications during childbirth and may require special delivery techniques.