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Bunny vs Rabbit
Difference, Examples & Quiz

What's the difference? Which one is correct?


Definition: A small mammal belonging to the family Leporidae, typically having long ears, a short tail, and a soft coat.

Usage: Bunnies are often kept as pets or used in various forms of entertainment, such as magic shows or Easter celebrations.

Example sentences:
  • 1. I saw a cute bunny hopping around in the garden.
  • 2. She dressed up as a bunny for the costume party.
  • 3. The magician pulled a bunny out of his hat.

Definition: A small to medium-sized mammal belonging to the family Leporidae, with long ears, a short tail, and strong hind legs for leaping.

Usage: Rabbits are commonly found in various habitats worldwide and are known for their ability to reproduce rapidly.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The rabbit quickly hopped away when it sensed danger.
  • 2. She keeps rabbits in her backyard for breeding purposes.
  • 3. The children were excited to find colorful Easter eggs hidden by the Easter bunny.

Bunny and Rabbit are both used to refer to small, furry mammals belonging to the family Leporidae. While both terms are often used interchangeably, 'bunny' is commonly used to refer to young rabbits, whereas 'rabbit' is used to refer to adult rabbits. Additionally, 'bunny' is often used in a more endearing or affectionate context, while 'rabbit' is the more formal term.

Quizzes about "Bunny" vs "Rabbit"

Bunny vs Rabbit: 5 Quizzes

1. What is another name for a bunny?

2. Which animal is known for its long ears?

3. What is the most common pet rabbit breed?

4. Which animal is often associated with Easter?

5. What is the average lifespan of a rabbit?


  • What is a Bunny?

    A bunny is a small mammal known for its long ears and fluffy tail.

  • What is a Rabbit?

    A rabbit is a small herbivorous mammal that is known for its ability to hop and its long ears.

  • Are bunnies and rabbits the same?

    Yes, bunnies and rabbits are essentially the same animal. The term 'bunny' is often used to refer to young rabbits.

  • What do bunnies eat?

    Bunnies are herbivores and primarily eat grass, hay, and leafy greens.

  • How long do rabbits live?

    On average, rabbits live for about 8 to 12 years.