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Curtsy vs Courtesy
Difference, Examples & Quiz

What's the difference? Which one is correct?


Definition: A respectful gesture, typically performed by women, in which the knees are bent and the body is lowered, often accompanied by a slight bow of the head.

Usage: Curtsy is commonly used as a gesture of respect or courtesy, especially in formal settings or when greeting someone of higher social status.

Example sentences:
  • 1. She curtsied gracefully before the queen.
  • 2. The young girl curtsied to her ballet teacher at the end of the performance.
  • 3. As a sign of respect, the students curtsied to their teacher before leaving the classroom.

Definition: Polite behavior that shows respect and consideration for others.

Usage: Courtesy is a general term used to describe good manners, politeness, and respectful actions towards others.

Example sentences:
  • 1. He showed great courtesy by holding the door open for the elderly woman.
  • 2. The company's customer service representatives always respond with courtesy and professionalism.
  • 3. In Japanese culture, bowing is a common gesture of courtesy and respect.

Curtsy is a respectful gesture, especially performed by women, involving a bending of the knees. Courtesy refers to polite behavior, respect, and consideration for others.

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  • What is Curtsy?

    Curtsy is a gesture of respect or politeness, usually performed by women, in which the person bends their knees and lowers their body slightly.

  • What is Courtesy?

    Courtesy is the showing of politeness, respect, and consideration for others in one's behavior and actions.

  • How do you perform a Curtsy?

    To perform a curtsy, stand with your feet together, then bend your knees and lower your body slightly. Keep your back straight and your head up. After a moment, rise back up to a standing position.

  • Why is Courtesy important?

    Courtesy is important as it promotes positive social interactions, fosters respect and understanding, and helps create a harmonious and polite society.

  • Are Curtsy and Courtesy the same?

    No, Curtsy and Courtesy are different gestures. Curtsy is a specific gesture involving bending the knees, while Courtesy is a broader concept of showing politeness and respect.