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Draft vs Draught
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Definition: Draft refers to a preliminary version or plan of a document, such as a written work, drawing, or design.

Usage: Draft can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun, it can refer to a rough or unfinished version of something. As a verb, it can mean to prepare or create a preliminary version of something.

Example sentences:
  • 1. I need to write a draft of my essay before I can finalize it.
  • 2. The architect showed us the draft of the building design.
  • 3. The company is currently working on a draft proposal for the new project.

Definition: Draught is a variant spelling of the word 'draft' and is primarily used in British English.

Usage: Draught is used in the same way as 'draft', but it is more commonly used in British English rather than American English.

Example sentences:
  • 1. She ordered a pint of draught beer at the pub.
  • 2. The teacher asked the students to write a draught of their essay.
  • 3. The draught of the ship was carefully measured before it set sail.

Draft and draught are two different spellings of the same word, with draft being the American English spelling and draught being the British English spelling. Both words can refer to a preliminary version of a document, a current of air, or the act of pulling or drawing something.

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  • What is a draft?

    A draft refers to a preliminary version or rough sketch of a document or plan.

  • What is a draught?

    A draught is a current of air, especially one that is unpleasant or cold.

  • What are some synonyms for draft?

    Some synonyms for draft include preliminary version, rough copy, and outline.

  • What are some synonyms for draught?

    Some synonyms for draught include breeze, gust, and wind.

  • How is draft used in sports?

    In sports, draft refers to the process of selecting players for professional teams.