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Ensure vs Insure
Difference, Examples & Quiz

What's the difference? Which one is correct?


Definition: To make certain that something will happen or be the case

Usage: Ensure is often used to talk about taking action to prevent something undesirable from happening

Example sentences:
  • 1. Please ensure that all doors are locked before leaving the house.
  • 2. The company has implemented new security measures to ensure the safety of its employees.
  • 3. The doctor will ensure that the patient receives the necessary treatment.

Definition: To provide or obtain insurance coverage for something

Usage: Insure is specifically used in the context of obtaining insurance against potential risks or losses

Example sentences:
  • 1. I need to insure my car against theft and accidents.
  • 2. The homeowner insured the house against fire and natural disasters.
  • 3. The company decided to insure its valuable assets to protect against financial loss.

Let’s briefly summarize the differences and usage of these words.

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  • What does 'Ensure' mean?

    To make certain or guarantee something

  • What does 'Insure' mean?

    To provide financial protection against loss or harm

  • What does 'Assure' mean?

    To give confidence or make someone feel certain

  • Can 'Ensure' and 'Insure' be used interchangeably?

    No, they have different meanings and usage

  • Are 'Assure' and 'Ensure' synonyms?

    No, they have different meanings and usage