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Fillet vs Filet
Difference, Examples & Quiz

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Definition: Fillet is a term used in cooking to refer to a boneless piece of meat or fish.

Usage: Fillet is commonly used in recipes to describe a specific cut of meat or fish.

Example sentences:
  • 1. I ordered a fillet of salmon for dinner.
  • 2. The recipe calls for a fillet of beef.
  • 3. She cooked a delicious fillet of cod.

Definition: Filet is an alternative spelling of fillet and has the same meaning.

Usage: Filet is used interchangeably with fillet in cooking terminology.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The restaurant offers a filet mignon steak on their menu.
  • 2. He prefers to use filet instead of fillet in his recipes.
  • 3. The chef used a filet knife to prepare the fish.

The words “Fillet” and “Filet” are both used to refer to a boneless piece of meat or fish. “Fillet” is the standard spelling in British English, while “Filet” is the standard spelling in American English. Both words are pronounced the same way and have the same meaning.

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  • What is Fillet?

    Fillet is a boneless piece of meat or fish.

  • What is Filet?

    Filet is a French term for a boneless cut of meat or fish.

  • Is Fillet the same as Filet?

    Yes, Fillet and Filet refer to the same thing.

  • How is Fillet/Filet cooked?

    Fillet/Filet can be cooked by grilling, pan-searing, or baking.

  • What are some popular dishes made with Fillet/Filet?

    Some popular dishes made with Fillet/Filet include Beef Fillet Mignon, Salmon Fillet, and Filet of Sole.