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Moneys vs Monies
Difference, Examples & Quiz

What's the difference? Which one is correct?


Definition: Moneys refers to a plural form of the word 'money'. It is used to indicate multiple units of currency or funds.

Usage: Moneys can be used in legal or financial contexts to refer to various types of funds or monetary resources.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The company received multiple moneys from different investors.
  • 2. The court ordered the defendant to repay the stolen moneys.
  • 3. The organization is responsible for managing the moneys allocated for the project.

Definition: Monies is also a plural form of the word 'money'. It is often used in a more formal or legal context to refer to specific sums of money or funds.

Usage: Monies is commonly used in legal documents, contracts, or financial reports to specify the exact amounts of money involved.

Example sentences:
  • 1. The monies received from the sale of the property will be distributed among the heirs.
  • 2. The contract clearly states the monies owed to the contractor for the completed work.
  • 3. The organization is required to provide a detailed breakdown of the monies spent on the project.

The words 'moneys' and 'monies' are both plural forms of the word 'money'. They are used interchangeably to refer to sums of money or funds.

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  • What is the difference between Moneys and Monies?

    Moneys and Monies are both plural forms of the word 'money'. However, 'Moneys' is typically used to refer to different types or sources of money, while 'Monies' is often used in legal or financial contexts.

  • Can 'Moneys' and 'Monies' be used interchangeably?

    In most cases, 'Moneys' and 'Monies' can be used interchangeably without any significant difference in meaning. However, it is important to consider the specific context and style guide recommendations.

  • Are 'Moneys' and 'Monies' considered correct English?

    Yes, both 'Moneys' and 'Monies' are considered correct English. However, 'Moneys' is more commonly used in general contexts, while 'Monies' is often preferred in legal or financial contexts.

  • Can you provide examples of sentences using 'Moneys' and 'Monies'?

    Sure! Here are some examples: - The organization received various moneys from different donors. - The court ordered the distribution of the monies among the beneficiaries.

  • Is there any regional preference for using 'Moneys' or 'Monies'?

    There might be slight regional preferences in the usage of 'Moneys' and 'Monies', but overall, both forms are widely accepted and understood in English-speaking regions.